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"Alani has a wealth of experience in CST which communicates through her teaching style. She is able to portray intricate concepts with ease and simplicity that a new student yarns for, and do so without removing the element of curiosity that is crucial in novel learning.

I've recommended her course to anyone with a passion for understanding the workings of the body.

Jeremy Upton

Alani is a gifted healer. She has profoundly altered the way I am in the world.

I came to Alani with a disk herniation and chronic pain which was preventing me from driving, working , and for some periods getting out of bed. I also had mental fogginess, memory loss, and a feeling of floatiness.

In our first session, the moment Alani put her hands on my feet I had a wave of knowing that this was what my body needed. I had been to a myriad of other therapists with stunted progress, but Alani was addressing the root cause of the issue within minutes of me laying down. In that session she intuitively moved to the place in my neck with trauma from an old injury, and released them, It was a tremendous relief .

Since then she has steadily restored the flow of energy in my legs, pelvis, and up my spine to my head. My body feels completely different, its self healing ability has kicked back in thanks to her gentle adjustments.

After 5 years of pain cycles, I am finally healing. I can relax now because my body is in touch with with its innate wisdom. 

I am calmer, and my mental fog is clearing . The process has been like a a soothing balmier my self-esteem. I feel stronger, more trusting and back in connection with what I can contribute to the world."

"Alani works with such receptivity and confidence that I have felt entirely trusting. Her sessions are a visceral experience- nothing is unclear, fluffy, or forced. So much vitality has come from the subtle movements in her hands. I feel truly held, and very lucky to have found her"

" Thank you Alani, I feel completely renewed after my session with you. You effortlessly shifted me from a place of discomfort and unease to to a place of deep alignment, In the session I felt strongly held and able to let go"

"Alani creates an extremely supportive, all-encompassing, experiential learning of Cranio-Sacral. Her specific integration of Bio-Dynamic + Biomechanical is exciting and super inspiring. Her nurturing, empathic holding creates a deeply healing and supportive learning environment. I am blown away and so deeply inspired by this work. Highly recommend her as a teacher.


"Alani’s broad ranging study into the various streams of Craniosacral modality, her obvious love of topic and her extensive hands on practise and experience make learning from her feel full and fun. It gives me confidence that nothing was missed in this intro and that the further modules would contain all that’s required to practice towards mastery."


"Alani is an accomplished cranio sacral therapist with extensive knowledge. We are very fortunate that she has decided to gather her skills and share them with us through a compassionate heart. It is a gift to the cranio sacral world to have a strong woman with an open heart passing on sacred knowledge. If you are considering craniosacral therapy or bodywork I cannot recommend Alani and her course highly enough."


"Alani is a great teacher, she has an intuitive approach and gives a broad perspective of Craniosacral therapy. It’s an unfolding journey and I look forward to Level 2 to sink deeper into this fascinating therapy (modality)."


"Alani provides such an all encompassing foundation to Craniosacral theory and practice in a way that is accessible and fascinating. She has such amazing insights into this work and is a fabulous teacher!"


"Alani is an exceptional practitioner and Master of her craft. It is an honour to learn from her and absorb her experiences. Alani has a gift for translating complex information for the beginner, thus building practical confidence in her students."


"Alani is a highly skilled and knowledgeable teacher. As well as being highly attuned and intuitively sensitive, providing a safe place for learning. Someone who has trained in somatic experiencing and a fully qualified SEP, I consider craniosacral therapy to be invaluable to treating and healing trauma in the body and central nervous system. This was one of the most amazing trainings I have been involved in to date. I can highly recommend Alani to anyone!"


The teaching process allowed me to progress noticeable; at first the notion of craniosacral and all the subtle feeling abilities required seemed like an impossible skill to grasp, yet by the end of the first level there was a sense of deepening into this beautiful, deep healing space. Everything started to come together, the learning about anatomy, and all the unique cranio terms,like feeling tides, fluids, tissue and bone all came alive in my own hands and body.



Alani’s transmission of this work is incredibly profound. She embodies the teachings of cranio-sacral in every cell and shares from this place of deeply integrated wisdom and effortless integrity.



Alani holds a beautiful balance between practical learning and theory. I always felt supported and nurtured which helped me learn with confidence and ease. Loved, loved, loved the course and will be definitely continuing to level 2.



Alani embodies craniosacral in a very beautiful way, and her teachings are deep and rich. Her experience in various cranio-sacral modality gives the course the depth of knowledge and broader vision and understanding of this modality.

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