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Level 3 Facial Complex

  • Starts 31 July
  • 1,500 Australian dollars
  • Main Arm Road

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Service Description

In this level we will be learning to work with the bones of the face. These very small, delicate bones have a huge impact on the whole mechanism of our Craniosacral system. As we learn to refine our palpation skills in each level we are now ready to learn the facial bones, how they developed embryologically and how these bones affect our ability to connect to consciousness through embodying each (little) bone . ​ The facial complex is made up of the Maxilla,Vomer, Zygoma,Ethmoid and Palatines These bones have a very different quality to them as they were formed from nuerocrest cells ( our nervous system intrinsically and literally forms our face) ​ We build on the work we learn in Level 2 with the Sphenoid to begin coupled holds, working with the Sphenoid and the facial bones together. ​ Class content: *Maxilla & Sphenoid *Vomer & Sphenoid *Zygoma *Ethmoid/Coccyx connection *Ethmoid/Sphenoid/Vomer ​ This course is fully recognised through the International Institute of Complimentary Therapy which gives all graduating students recognition and the ability to insure themselves as a certified craniosacral therapist. ​ This Class includes: 5 days face to face class 1:1 tutorial with Alani Online portal to instructional videos, pdf handouts and instructional videos ​ After completing Level 2 you will be required to do 2 case studies and a take home exam to be handed in by graduation. This will take the course load up from 2 hours a week previously to 4 hours a week until graduation.

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  • Balaya Buyul Community, Main Arm Road, Main Arm NSW, Australia

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