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Alani is pleased to be offering trainings in Australia

Nourishing Tides 


 Exploration Intensive

July 2nd-4th & July9th-11th

Gold Coast

Alani Visionary Craniosacral Training Po

Craniosacral Exploration

The course is designed as an 6 day intensive to deeply dive into the magic of craniosacral therapy, combining both physiological and intuitive approaches .


This is a high-value course for body workers and massage therapists who want to incorporate more sensitive techniques into their practice. This intensive will also suit anyone who is interested in craniosacral, and is considering it as a bigger journey.

I will use different forms of embodiment practices including Qi-gung practise which help open the bodies energy systems and help us experience how we harness movement and stillness in craniosacral work.


You will gain an overview of :
* the bones and muscles of the craniosacral system, their articulations, sutures and role 
* the reciprocal tension membrane ( also known as the core link )
* the formation and circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid and the role of the central nervous system.

Class content:
* Anatomy of the Craniosacral System
* Working with the vault bones
* Freeing the Atlas
* Vagus nerve and trauma
* Sacrum and lower back
* Core Link
* Heart Temple


Our classes are supportive and empowering . Each student is given individual attention , guidance and mentorship.

Alani  offers one on one mentorship to all of her students as well as facilitating group practice days. 

One on one mentorship offers guidance and support to help you accelerate and deepen your journey into the mysteries of craniosacral 


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                   Level 2
  deepening into the 
cranial field
            Oct 8-10& 22-24
    Mullumbimby -Main Arm


Deepening into the Cranial Field

This course is for students that have completed the Exploration Intensive and would like to continue to dive deeper into the Cranial Field .

I will be teaching a whole day on specific bones that can have a great impact on our physiology as well as our consciousness , these tools will have a profound effect on what you will be able to offer your clients .

we will be covering : 






Alani Klein

Alani has been working as a craniosacral therapist for over 13 years

She has studied both bio-mechanical and biodynamic and has found a beautiful way of working somewhere in the middle, listening to the body as the wise master.

Alani began her journey in the healing arts in 2003 in Costa Rica and feels very fortunate to have learnt Rebalancing Body work with Menlha Bruneau, her original teacher, to whom she will always be indebted for opening up a wonderful world of mind/body healing .

After 5 years of Deep Tissue massage Alani was introduced to Craniosacral by Menlah and experienced profound shifts in her own body from the lightest touch.


In 2007 Alani began her studies with Craniosacral Australia and completed her 2 year study. Since then she has graduated from Langara collage as well as nearly completing Body Intelligence training and has also attended a level 1 and 2 with the visionary craniosacral institute .

Alani is pleased to be bringing renowned teacher Matthew Kirsch from the Milne Institute to the Byron Shire  

Milne Institute

Visionary Craniosacral Training

Feb 2022

Visionary Craniosacral Training Poster (

Visionary Craniosacral -Milne Institute


Visionary Craniosacral Work® is a soothing, noninvasive, hands-on therapy.

The craniosacral system includes the brain, the cerebrospinal fluid, the system of membranes inside the cranium, all 22 cranial bones, the spine and the sacrum.

What the Navajo call ‘the wind’s child,’ Genesis calls ‘the breath of life.’ It is a silent force, a field of chi, which blows through the craniosacral system, animates it, and infuses it with information and intelligence.

It is possible to listen to this field. The ability to do this is called ‘the heart of listening.’

A visionary knows how to touch a client with precise and gentle contacts that help the client feel more aligned, and more at home in themselves. Sometimes, by touching just the right place in just the right way, a visionary can help the client understand what troubles them, and what they need to reclaim their equanimity, and their place in life. Such work can also help the client access and release their healing potential.

The Milne Institute offers an avocational, in-depth training in the heart of listening, a visionary approach to craniosacral work. This may mean that students may not be eligible for certain kinds of CEU or vocational credit. What we offer is continuing education, not vocational education. Kindly check with your local licensing authority to be sure our training will give you the educational credit you need.

If you want to go deep, be deep.

For more information visit:

Matthew Kirsch

Matthew is a licensed acupuncturist, licensed massage therapist, certified Milne Institute Visionary Craniosacral Practitioner and Instructor, and student of Visceral, Visceral-Vascular, Brain and Neuro-Meningeal work. 


Matthew has been in solo practice for 14 years, using his clinical appreciation, intuitive perception, and client communication to help people heal from painful conditions and navigate challenging transitions.


Matthew has been voted Best Acupuncturists in Austin for the past 8 consecutive years. 


In class, Matthew will build foundational knowledge, create safe space to apply hands on practice time, and walk students through the exchanges.

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If you would like to register  please fill out the form below and return to Alani via email