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Although Alani no longer attends births she still offers pre and post natal packages. please be in touch for more information.

Birth Support (Doula)

Alani is a certified Doula offering support for woman during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She is passionate about supporting woman to feel safe, empowered, healthy and vital.


As a doula Alani provides emotional, physical and practical support and information. She does not provide clinical tasks such as blood pressure, fetal heart checks, vaginal exams or have any medical responsibilities (this is the job of the woman’s midwife or obstetrician). Alani also does not make any decisions on behalf of her clients.


The word doula come from an ancient Greek word meaning a woman who serves. Today the word doula is used to describe a trained, experienced professional that provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to women and their partners before, during and after their birthing time.



Alani’s role as your Doula


  • Assists you and your partner in preparing for, and carrying out your wishes for birth

  • Stays with the you throughout the labour, birth, and immediate postpartum

  • homeoplathy options if needed

  • hands on massage between rushes as needed

  • Provides you with emotional support, physical comfort measures and an objective viewpoint

  • Facilitates communication between the you and the clinical care providers, as well as helping you and your partner obtain proper information ensuring proper informed consent.

  • Gives support to the your partner during birth, allowing him/her to participate at his/her comfort level.

  • Empowers both parents to ask questions and communicate hopes, wishes and fears to birth team.

  • Alani supports woman birthing in Northern rivers region including, Byron Bay , Mullumbimby, Goonengerry, Uki, Lismore, Kingscliff and surrounding areas.

  • When you hire Alani to be present for your birth she promises to be on call 24/7 for a month surrounding your due date. As soon as you feel you would like her to be with you, you can call day or night.


Benefits of Doula's support


  • Shortens labour

  • Decreases need for narcotic pain medication

  • Decreases need for assisted delivery

  • Decreases requests for epidural

  • Reduced overall cesarean section rate

  • Increases positive feelings of childbirth experience

  • Increases mother/infant bonding

  • Increases success and satisfaction with breastfeeding

  • Decreases postpartum depression

  • Increases self-esteem and self-confidence

Craniosacral for pregnancy and beyond

How do Expectant and new mothers benefit from Craniosacral Therapy?


This relaxing bodywork is growing in popularity among midwives, doulas and childbirth professionals as a modality complementary to holistic maternity care.


CranioSacral Therapy supports pregnant, laboring and post-natal women by releasing restrictions in the body and the pelvis and creating a sense of physical and emotional expansion and well being.


By balancing and unwinding the pelvis CST can help ease ligament pain, lower back pain and hip pain as well as promote optimal fetal positioning. CST promotes a state of stillness and a sense of open-heartedness ideal for bonding with baby.


This gentle technique takes stress and tension off of the nervous system having a calming and balancing effect on the body and mental state.


These sessions are a great way to prepare body-mind-spirit for childbirth and motherhood.


Please note during the sessions you will remain fully clothed, and lay on a very comfortable massage table. Please wear comfortable clothes.  


Some issues that can be supported by CST are:


   Conception / Fertility


   Birth Trauma


   Healing after miscarriage or perinatal loss


   Breastfeeding challenges


   Epidural recovery


   Cesarean recovery


   Post natal depression/depletion


   Sacrum/ Coccyx ( tail bone) pain


craniosacral for baby

Beyond the deep relaxation that cranio can offer , moms bring their infants and children to a craniosacral therapist for many reasons including: forcepts, vacuum ,Birth trauma , digestion, colic , sleeping , trouble breastfeeding.

As well as re-setting the nervous system of the child/mother after a difficult birth or traumatic experience .


older children also come to me for behavoir , sleep issues, skaletal alighnment, ADD, Autism.

Sessions for children are 30 -40min depending on the age and child.


Birth Support Packages

Before and after package

Price $450

  • 1 Craniosacral session to help you feel relaxed and open. To help position the sacrum and pelvis for optimum birthing.

  • 1 postpartum craniosacral session to help bring the sacrum and coccyx back into alignment at home

  • 1 Craniosacral session for your baby at home

Birth Support Before, During and After ( Not Available at the moment)

Price $1000

  • 2 prenatal visits

  • attend birth with 24 hr on call 2 weeks prior & 2 weeks post due date

  • 2 postnatal visits

Birth Support with Craniosacral Premium Package( not available at the moment)

Price $1600

  • 2 prenatal visits including: discussing your birth plan

  • 2 Craniosacral sessions

  • Birth support-attend birth with 24 hr on call 2 weeks prior & 2 weeks post –continuity of care to help you feel supported and empowered during labor

  • 2 post partum visits including:

  • 1 craniosacral session at home

  • Craniosacral for baby at home

  • Closing the bones Ritual ( extra fees may apply since this takes 2 people)

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