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Nourishing Tides Institute of Craniosacral therapy


Training & Mentorship

Craniosacral Therapy is an ever-evolving study of the human body, nervous system and our belonging to the natural world. 


Combining both physiological and intuitive perspectives, through the Nourishing Tides Institute of Craniosacral Therapy I aim to offer my students a unique approach to studying Craniosacral Therapy (CST); one that bridges the worlds of the physical Osteopathic model of CST to the spacious Biodynamic practice and encompasses the holistic spectrum in-between.


“You must learn the form to become the formless“


This is a corner-stone for how I choose to offer my classes . I believe that if you understand the anatomy and the mechanics of the body, then you can eventually let go and become the formless - witnessing the intelligence of the system heal itself.


Nourishing Tides is open to all levels of experience. Foundation training is a 5 day intensive that does not require participants to already be a practitioner in order to attend. If a student has no prior bodywork and/or training in anatomy, they will be required to complete an online Anatomy & Physiology module prior to attendance.


The training is a transformative journey in and of itself. Many of the students come to class not realising they have come to heal themselves, through embodying this work and learning to fully embody their nervous system.

Level One: Foundations in Craniosacral


This class is the first level of a 18 month (400hr) course , it is designed to either stand alone as an exploration or to continue on a certification training  that is recognised through the IICT allowing students to be recognised and insured as certified Craniosacral Therapists.

The course is  6 days over 2 weekends or 5 days consecutively.


It is an intensive to deeply dive into the magic of craniosacral therapy, combining both physiological and intuitive approaches .


This is a high-value course for body workers and massage therapists who want to incorporate more sensitive techniques into their practice. This intensive will also suit anyone who is interested in craniosacral, and is curious about it as a bigger journey.

I will use different forms of embodiment practices including Qi-gung practise which help open the bodies energy systems and help us experience how we harness movement and stillness in craniosacral work.


You will gain an overview of :
* the bones and muscles of the craniosacral system, their articulations, sutures and role 
* the reciprocal tension membrane ( also known as the core link )
* the formation and circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid and the role of the central nervous system.

Class content:
* Anatomy of the Craniosacral System
* Working with the vault bones
* Freeing the Atlas
* Vagus nerve and trauma
* Sacrum and lower back
* Core Link


 If  you choose to continue after completing level 1 you will be required to complete the following :

1X 1:1 tutorial

1X professional session with Alani or a graduate of this class

2X practice swaps with another student

Read all the required reading material

hand in 20 practice sessions 


total hours required before Level 2= 52 hours of homework ( approx. 2 hours/week)

Between level 3 until graduation the homework commitment will go up to 4 hours per week for the last 6-8 months of the certification, if you are entering into this course with the intention to complete certification, please know the homework commitment and consider not doubling up with other courses. 

Our classes are supportive and empowering . Each student is given individual attention, guidance and mentorship.

Alani  offers one on one mentorship to all of her students as well as facilitating group practice days. 

One on one mentorship offers guidance and support to help you accelerate and deepen your journey into the mysteries of craniosacral 

Level 2: Cranial Base 

The Cranial Base and TMJ


This class is for students that have completed level 1 Foundations and would like to continue to dive deeper into the Cranial Field .


Level 2 we will learn to feel the primary respiration of the cranial base,

The cranial base is a small, yet highly complex area at the bottom portion of the skull where each of the cranial nerves that connect the brain to the rest of the body must move through.

We will learn the 12 cranial nerves and how to help create space for optimal health of the whole nervous system by working with specific bones 

The core teaching of level 2 are the 3 main bones that effect the cranial nerves : Sphenoid, Occiput and Temporal Bones . 

we will spend  a whole day on each of these bones, this can have a great impact on our physiology as well as our consciousness. These tools will have a profound effect on what you will be able to offer your clients.


TMJ is the Temporomandibular Joint and is our first introduction to working inside the mouth. This will be taught after a short break to allow for integration. 

Class Content:

*Sphenobasilar Joint

*Temporal Bones

*Psoas (muscle of fight/flight)

*Deepening into the Lower Back

*TMJ (freeing the Jaw)

*Hyoid (bone of expression/  holding back your voice/freeing your voice)

This course is fully recognised through the International Institute of Complimentary Therapy which gives all graduating students recognition and the ability to insure themselves as a certified craniosacral therapist.

This Class includes:

6 days face to face class

1:1 tutorial with Alani

Online portal to instructional videos, pdf handouts and instructional videos


Level 3:Facial Complex

In this level we will be learning to work with the bones of the face.

These very small, delicate bones have a huge impact on the whole mechanism of our Craniosacral system.

As we learn to refine our palpation skills in each level we are now ready to learn the facial bones, how they developed embryologically and how these bones affect our ability to connect to consciousness through embodying each (little) bone . 

The facial complex is made up of the Maxilla,Vomer, Zygoma,Ethmoid and Palatines

These bones have a very different quality to them as they were formed from nuerocrest cells ( our nervous system intrinsically and literally forms our face)

We build on the work we learn in Level 2 with the Sphenoid to begin coupled holds, working with the Sphenoid and the facial bones together.

Class content:

*Maxilla & Sphenoid

*Vomer & Sphenoid


*Ethmoid/Coccyx connection


This course is fully recognised through the International Institute of Complimentary Therapy which gives all graduating students recognition and the ability to insure themselves as a certified craniosacral therapist.

This Class includes:

5 days face to face class

1:1 tutorial with Alani

Online portal to instructional videos, pdf handouts and instructional videos

After completing Level 2 you will be required to do 2 case studies and a take home exam to be handed in by graduation. This will take the course load up from 2 hours a week previously to 4 hours a week until graduation.

Level 4:Working with babies, children and pregnancies
pre and post natal

 Working with babies /children and pregnancies/pre and post natal. 


I have had the pleasure of studying with so many incredible teachers over the years. 

I met George Stylian a few years ago and I asked him to have a cup of coffee with me so I could pick his brain, and what a brain he has! We hit it off and he invited me to his post grad cranio osteopathy paediatric class. I have had the pleasure of studying with George for the last 2.5 years. 

He is  pure gold. He is a Cranio osteopath and specialises in pediatrics. George has been teaching embryology and Cranio-Osteopathy for 25 years ( practicing for 45 years )


In level 4 we have the joy of studying embryology and infant/child craniosacral with George. 

It is a rare and golden opportunity to find a teacher like this 


I have had a passion for supporting pregnancy and post natal for nearly 12 years and I have trained as a doula and post natal doula care . I combine my love for Craniosacral with my passion to support women during this time in the Level 4 training.

This Class includes:

5 days face to face class

1:1 tutorial with Alani

Online portal to instructional videos, pdf handouts and instructional videos

Level 4 Course Dates
February 2025
October 2025

Level 5: Advanced Content and Case Study presentation

Level 5 has been created out of a request from previous classes for create  more time for the homework completion as well as advanced content .


We will spend 1 full day for case study class presentations. Each student will present a 30 min slide show discussing their experience with a case study. 


The other 2 days will be focused on advanced content of the hard palate and a full session of mandible unwinding . 

Followed by a special Graduation ceremony. 

Course Dates
May 2025
December 2025


Alani is an accomplished Craniosacral therapist with extensive knowledge. We are very fortunate that she has decided to gather her skills and share them with us through a compassionate heart. It is a gift to the cranio sacral world to have a strong woman with an open heart passing on sacred knowledge. If you are considering craniosacral therapy or bodywork I cannot recommend Alani and her course highly enough.




Alani is a great teacher, she has an intuitive approach and gives a broad perspective of Craniosacral therapy. It’s an unfolding journey and I look forward to Level 2 to sink deeper into this fascinating therapy (modality).




Alani provides such an all encompassing foundation to Craniosacral theory and practice in a way that is accessible and fascinating. She has such amazing insights into this work and is a fabulous teacher!

Alani Klein


“The way you alchemise a soulless world into a sacred world is by treating everyone as if they are sacred; until the sacred in them remembers“ Sarah Durham Wilson


I have been working as a Craniosacral Therapist since 2007; having studied biomechanical CST through Craniosacral Australia and the Langara College, biodynamic through Body Intelligence and Visionary Craniosacral Work through the Milne Institute.


I feel so grateful to have been taught by a variety of incredible teachers; crossing a broad spectrum of ideology and technique, to now be able to embody and teach this work in my own way. My integrative approach is rooted in deep listening and an understanding that the human body is infinitely wise and capable of healing. Each session looks and feels different, depending on the unique needs of my client in that moment.


I specialise in TMJ work and tension headaches, as well as releasing trauma held within the nervous system and fascia. I aim to create a deeply compassionate and nurturing space, in which my clients are supported to shift old holding patterns within their body. My work has been described as deep and intuitive; allowing clients to truly reconnect with themselves.


Having studied many different styles of CST and through my years of experience with countless clients and assisting at Craniosacral Australia courses for the last 10 years, I aim to include the mystical aspects of this work while also providing a robust foundation and working knowledge of the structure and physiology; to not separate the “holy from the form". I believe that to separate any one aspect from the whole (eg to take the spirit work out of the physical or the physical work out of the spiritual etc) that we lose touch with the inherent miracle and perfection of nature's design.


I hope to continue to forever grow and evolve in my own learning and experience, and have the opportunity to share my wisdom and inspiration with my students through a course curriculum  that continually reflects new developments in the craniosacral field, while deeply honouring the lineage of all those that have come before me.

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