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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle hands on healing therapy which seeks to mobilise and release the craniosacral system, which includes the soft tissues of the head, spine and pelvis. CST seeks to restore the natural position of the bones and decrease stress from acute and chronic injuries. Small changes to structure and function can create large effects when it works in harmony with the self-regulating intelligence inherent in all of us.


CST enhances the body’s natural healing abilities, improves the function of the central nervous system, brings freedom of movement in the craniosacral system which affects the body as a whole. It is called craniosacral because it involves the bones of the head, skull, face and mouth which make up the cranium, and it extends down the spinal cord to the lower end of the spine called the sacrum. An important mechanism of the craniosacral system is the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid. Cerebrospinal fluid provides nourishment for the brain, and central nervous system to function well.


CST helps replenish the deep reserves of the body, reduce stress, improve quality of sleep, increase energy and enhance function of the bodies organs via the nervous system while nourishing the entire structure, physiology, mind and spirit.


Emotionally and spiritually CST can affect very deep and primary patterns, while providing the client with resource and space to explore their emotional landscape. CST provides a deep sense of resourcing within the client. This resourcing provides a safe container for emotional issues to resolve.


CST can open doors to both our hearts and soul giving opportunity to profoundly change our lives.

Alani Klein

Alani has been working as a craniosacral therapist for over 15 years.( since 2007)

She has studied both bio-mechanical (working more structurally and originating from Osteopathy) and biodynamic (Trusting the bodys Inherent intelligence and working with the very subtle field of the body)  and has found a beautiful way of including both into an integrative practice , listening to the body as the wise master.


Alani specialises in TMJ and Tension Headaches as well as releasing trauma held within the nervous system and fascia.


She creates a compassionate and nurturing space in which clients are supported to shift old holding patterns in the body. Her work is described as deep and intuitive allowing clients to truly connect back to themselves.


Alani has had the wonderful opportunity to study with many teachers around the world and has assisted in the Craniosacral Australia institute for 10 years, now a teacher herself she is excited to pass on the depth of wisdom from this powerful modality


I began my journey in the healing arts in 2003 in Costa Rica.

I feel very fortunate to have learnt Rebalancing Body work with Menlha Bruneau, my original teacher, to whom I will always be indebted for opening up a wonderful world of mind/body and the potential for transfomational healing .

After 5 years of Deep Tissue massage I became unable to work with repetitive stress to my wrist. I had been introduced to Craniosacral by Menlah and I had experience such profound shift in my body with the lightest touch.


In 2007 I began my studies with Craniosacral Australia and completed my 2 year study. Since then I have studied in Canada at Langara collage as well as Biodynamic Craniosacral with Body Intelligence as well as Visionary Craniosacral with the Milne institute.
The wonder of this work continues to be magical, and I continue happily in my study of anatomy, which is an endless source of learning and one of my passions.



Alani Klein



Mullumbimby NSW

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